Admin & Fees

Adopted january 1, 2017




Tanka provides funds to various organizations including Universities to conduct research that is mutually beneficial to both parties. These organizations often charge administration or overhead fees to cover costs not directly related to the program or project. This policy specifies how Tanka will address these fees.

Partnerships and the relationships that form between Tanka and others including the general research community are a foundational strength of Tanka. Tanka maintains low overhead costs to ensure partner contributions provide maximum contribution to knowledge creation and transfer. Organizations and individuals that collaborate with Tanka benefit through career enhancement, reputation, peer recognition, training of graduate students, etc. They are expected to support and promote the mutual benefits of the relationship by minimizing administration fees.

Hence, the following will apply:

  • For programs/projects where the institution is contracted to provide a direct service to Tanka using full time staff and/or existing facilities, administration fees will be negotiated, but will not exceed 10%.
  • For programs/projects where both Tanka and the partner organization share costs, resources, and benefits, administration fees will be negotiated, but will not exceed 5%.